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The Division of Science & Environmental Policy (SEP) is the administrative home for an array of academic degree programs, research laboratories, and community outreach programs.

All SEP programs provide outstanding opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to learn how to use interdisciplinary science and technology to serve community needs.

SEP places a heavy emphasis on preparing students for rewarding careers and/or more advanced academic study in fields related to environmental resource assessment, management, and policy.

Faculty clusters provide particular strengths in marine and terrestrial biology/ecology, watershed science & hydrology, environmental science education, advanced technologies for geospatial data collection, analysis, and visualization, and molecular biology/genetics.

For more information on SEP's many programs, please follow the links at left or contact the SEP Office.

Fall 2014 Capstone Schedule


Field Notes ~ December 2014

Dr. Suzy Worcester and AMWS student, John Inman, have been helping Bruce Delgado at the Fort Ord National Monument assess the effects of goat foraging on biodiversity in the extensive grasslands at the Monument. They are examning whether coyote brush encroachment into grasslands is reduced by goat browsing. A class of “BIO 211 Ecology, Evolution, Biodiversity and Plants” students observed the goats while learning about strategies for conserving biodiversity.

Story: Suzy Worcester



Past Field Notes

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