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Welcome to Environmental Studies at CSUMB

The Environmental Studies major at CSUMB provides students with the broad foundation in environmental science, social science, economics, policy, humanities and communication needed to promote sustainability in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

The major prepares students for graduate programs in environmental education, public health, public policy, law, urban and regional planning, media arts, and sustainability or entry-level employment with governmental, non-profit, and entrepreneurial organizations.


  • Science for Sustainable Communities: This concentration prepares students for a wide diversity of growing “green jobs” working on sustainability issues of interest to governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, industry, business, and media arts. 

  • Environmental Education: This concentration prepares students for careers involving environmental education and outreach to the public for ecological interpretive centers (e.g. nature centers, aquariums, zoos, museums), outdoor education programs, school programs, businesses, government agencies and offices and non-governmental organizations.

Program Overview

Program Requirements

Sustainability: The need to ensure a better quality of life for all, now and into the future, in a just and equitable manner, whilst living within the limits of supporting ecosystems (Agyeman, J., Bullard, R.D., and Evans, B. Space & Polity, 2002).

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